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The Country Living Team

Jon Claxton

Jon is dedicated to making sure that Country Living Insurance is a true asset to our family of producers and group of carriers.

Bryan Burriss
Director of Operations

Bryan joined our team in 2014 and brings a vast amount of experience in project management and customer support. He will help us continue to set the bar high when it comes to providing our insurance partners with great customer service and support.

David Martinez
Director of Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years of marketing experience, David's primary focus is on building and maintaining strong relationships with insurance producers.

Jennifer Auter Tidmore
Marketing Representative

Jennifer spends a large portion of her time making personal visits to producers, not only providing product information but also collecting vital feedback on how Country Living Insurance can better assist our partners' needs.

Linda Pullen
Office Manager

With over 24 years of experience at Country Living Insurance, Linda plays a large role in our continued success and development as an industry leader.


A Message from Russ

In 2011, the Country Living family lost Russ Claxton. More than an inspirational leader, he was a friend to our staff and our clients. Russ had a message to share with our potential partners, and we could not think of any better way to express what Country Living Insurance is about than by sharing this video with you.

Company Contacts

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  • Underwriting
  • Operations
  • Marketing

Jon Claxton - President - jon@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x202

Kael Claxton - Vice President

Bryan Burriss - Director of Operations - bryan@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x203

Karen Sullivan - Underwriter - karen@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x215

Amber Reid - Underwriting Assistant - amber@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x211

Katelyn Henning - Underwriter - katelyn@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x216

Linda Pullen - Claims and Accounting - linda@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x206

Kathie Claxton - Accounting and Taxes - kathie@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x210

Lacey Claxton - Payroll - lacey@countrylivinginsurance.com

Betty-Ann Hunt - Policy Issuance/Renewals/Endorsements - betty@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x212

Michael Burriss - IT Support - michael@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438 x207

David Martinez - Director of Marketing/Sales - david@countrylivinginsurance.com - 800.831.1438

Jennifer Tidmore - Marketing Representative - jennifer@countrylivinginsurance.com - 205.914.2993

Justin Shawver - Marketing - justin@countrylivinginsurance.com - 601.550.1211

Matthew Mangus - Marketing - matthew@countrylivinginsurance.com - 870.307.5078